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We provide independent written and verbal business evaluations on a fee basis for clients who have a need to know the cash value of their existing business or one that they would like to acquire. While we are not Certified Public Accountants nor Washington State Licensed Residential or Commercial Appraisers, our 30 years of 'selling what we evaluate' places our services at a premium. The appraisals are based upon the 'income approach' to appraising.

This approach reflects the true 'earning power' of the physical and intangible assets of the business as demonstrated by the reconstructed 'cash flow' showing what a new-manager/owner could expect for a return on his/her time and cash investment prior to depreciation or federal income taxes.

In order to provide an accurate and realistic 'fair market value' a client will need to provide 3 years Corporate Federal Tax returns, an equipment list (without values) and a copy of the business building and/or equipment lease for review. Additional information and possible physical inspection of the business might be necessary depending upon the reason and scope of the appraisal.

The price will vary depending on the time and type required evaluation. Contact Richard A. Swift for a free discussion as to your needs.

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