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McMurry & Swift Consulting Services

For new and existing businesses as well as individual investors we provide the following assistance:
  1. Overall Business Planning
  2. Market Feasibility Studies
  3. Capital Needs Analysis
  4. Personal and business goal inventory
  5. Business Investment Evaluation and Recommendations
  6. Financial Performance Review and/or Estimates
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Client Negotiations in Selling or Purchasing an ownership interest in closely held businesses
  9. On-going monthly, quarterly, or yearly overview of execution of business plan (a service provided wherein we act as a "mini-board" of directors)
The above services are normally provided on an hourly fee basis. We try to minimize hours by having clients provide much of the industry information required to arrive at our recommendations.

Overall Business Plan

This 'plan' defines the resources, market, and capitalization required as well as a time line to execute a structured, yet flexible path to accomplish a realistic and successful business objectives.

Market feasibility Study

This 'study' defines who, what, where, when and if customers will purchase your product and/or service and at what initial price point.

Capital Needs Analysis

This 'analysis' will determine how much capital will be needed initially and for the first year for the business to adequately cover fixed and variable costs. Additionally, suggestions might be included as to the best approach to acquire and/or finance the initial investment to provide the best yield on one's investment.

Business Investment Evaluation and Recommendations

This service is for clients who might be interested in starting or acquiring a business which they have 'discovered' themselves.

Client Negotiations in Selling or Buying a Business

This service is provided when a client is considering purchasing or selling an ownership interest in a private or closely held business where we act as an impartial "third party" in arriving at a fair and realistic solution to an often complicated family matter.

Mini-Board Services

This service provides independent observation and recommendations on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis of how best to meet the objectives of the overall business plan. It brings together resources such as the business attorney, banker, accountant and insurance advisors to best prepare the business for successful growth and eventually a viable 'exit strategy'.

The above services are provided on an hourly fee basis. The firm works with our clients to minimize hours by having clients provide much of the basic research and data gathering required summarizing, package, and providing recommendations.

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